Scientific Research based Marketing

Welcome to hydermarketing

At Hydermarketing we are marketing scientists specialised in taking to the global market innovative high technology products especially those resulting from scientific research. We operate from Spain, UK, India, Singapore and SIlicon Valley in the USA.

80% of the Companies in the EU are Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Whilst they are increasingly forced to develop innovative products and market them to internationally they do not always understand the power of scientific research and what marketing science can do for them in terms of the development and commercialisation of their products. This is currently translated into a lack of competitiveness and growth, especially when attempting to address the competitive global market.

Likewise for one reason or another Researchers, Scientists, Engineers, Research Centers and Universities are not successful in transferring their knowledge to the market or to other companies that could benefit from adopting their research. 

The mission of Hydermarketing is to use marketing science to boost the competitiveness of research-based technology companies and launch them to global market.

We typically work with Engineers, Scientists, Research Centers, Universities and regional Governments.

Marketing Science transfer - Application of marketing scientific research to innovative products and services

Development of innovative and breakthrough products usually entail a high risk. The implementation of scientific marketing research in such products enables innovators to ensure that they will be accepted and commonly utilised by the target groups of users.

Using marketing science it possible to know if the positive attitude of a customer towards a device is high, whether it perceived as useful, usable and engaging, and if it is worthy of recommendation to other customers, just to name a few aspects. 

At Hydermarketing we utilise the power of marketing science to the advantage of our clients in order to contribute to the durable success of their products along the product launch and life cycle, maximising investment and neatly aligning the product's brand with the target market. For instance, did you know that placing your Web site’s brand at eye sight increases brand recall, increases intended Web access* 20% in under 3 months and helps to position your product in the mind of your customer, therefore contributing to block out competition? These are tiny examples of how marketing science can boost your innovative product and mitigate risk. Furthermore, marketing science implementations can be used across all countries and cultures, therefore contributing to the fast international success of your innovation.


*Intended Web access: When a Web user purposely seeks your site, typing the url address in a browser or the Web site name in a search engine